The Great Skills Mismatch of Today's Economy [Infographic]

We've all heard about the high unemployment rate in the U.S. The story not being told is the one about the large number of jobs that are waiting to be filled. Many employers are having trouble finding candidates with the right set of skills and experience, so job seekers would be wise to consider focusing their efforts on the areas of the economy that are experiencing the most growth.

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The Great Skills Mismatch of the 2011 Economy - infographic


Tangible products are now produced in China where workers work for a handful of rice for a week and on Friday give you change. While these service jobs are rising who is left producing real goods that drive a real economy. North America has been brainwashed into believing that success is working at the office while its production of real wealth is outsourced offshore. Its only a matter of time before the white collar jobs dry up as they do not produce tangible products.

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