Where Did Congress Go To College? [Infographic]

A college degree isn't always a prerequisite for success, but when it comes to our representatives in 
Washington, should our expectations be different? And what about their areas of study? Congress 
controls the purse strings, so their actions have a significant effect on our economy. How might the 
preponderance of lawyers in Congress affect our efficiency? Should we expect a more broad academic 
foundation from our representatives?

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Where did Congress go to college - infographic

So what this means is that we need to get rid of Harvard, Yale, and the Universities of California and Texas? I mean they do seem to have produced an immense amount of gridlock...

Too many blue bloods in the house and senate.. some of these senators like Wicker from Mississippi are terrible and active as knox jello..

It wasn't the schools themselves which produced the morons, it was their rich parents who could afford to buy them into Harvard, Yale, etc.

What a surprise that only 8.4% had studied economics. No wonder the economy is in such a mess.

The "House" Lists University of California, Texas, and California State Universities simply by plurality - the systems/states are the largest in the U.S., and thus the most representatives come from these states.

You really need to separate out the state systems into individual schools for this to make sense. The University of California has a ton of distinct schools--calling schools like UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis the same school would be like lumping together all of the Ivy League schools into one university. Of course the UC and CSU systems make the top 15 for the house. With the way this is calculated, the "University of California" has 234,000 students, and the "California State University" 400,000 students, compared to Harvard's 21,000!

Too bad they don't study the PPE, Politics, Philosophy and Economics offered at Oxford.

Trying to figure out why the Senate has 3 times as many Democrats from Harvard, yet the House has 12 times as many Republicans from Harvard.

Actually if you read the chart carefully, that is only a percentage of overall Congressmen. That means that a lot of them not on the chart are from smaller schools.

This chart can't be right. There are only two independent senators, and neither of them went to Brooklyn college. One went to U of Chicago and one went to Yale. If the couldn't get that right, I wonder about the rest of this chart.

The UCs and CSUs are separate schools within systems and should have been separated as such. Shoddy!

Can we get a copy of the data set?

University of Notre Dame. Not Notre Dame University. Otherwise, great job.

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