Which College Degrees Are Worth The Student Loan Debt? [Infographic]

For years, tuition rates have far out-paced the rate of inflation. College students are now borrowing twice as much as they did just a decade ago. This year the total amount of student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion, the highest amount ever. This steep rise comes at a time of stubbornly high unemployment and economic frailty, creating a perfect storm.

The combination of record student loan debt and high unemployment has put a severe burden on millions of young people. So, how can new college-bound debtors fight back? By choosing the degrees that are most likely to lead to jobs with high entry-level salaries.

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Which College Degrees are worth the Student Loan Debt

Your math at the bottom is a little fuzzy. First off, it's 10% of discretionary income, not yearly salary. And second, student loans aren't interest free.

Your last statement is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy though, since only math- and science-minded people would look at college "solely as an investment" =]

There's a lot to be said for enjoying yourself a bit too!

Going to college is tougher than ever, I know this better than anyone since I just completed my social work masters degree. I managed to stay out of debt only because I took a job and I had online courses which allowed me to work, but I wouldn't have enrolled for this degree if I didn't know I could get a job after I graduate.

Out of those top 10 careers listed 8 of them were engineering, not math or science. Engineers use math and science but they do more than just that. Don't group us with the scientist and mathematicians!!!

If you get a Masters in Science and education for education advancement for your job IS it a tax deduction for 2011. Or do you get life credits applied for taxes

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